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About us


Shopper quality main goal is to help companies improve the customer service quality which directly influences increased sales & profits.

What makes us different?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the foreign market, so we are ready to provide you with an international customer service standard;
We work both with major players in the market and new businesses...

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For Mystery Shopper


A mystery shopper is a specially trained person, who visits shops, drug stores, cafés or any other businesses where there are services provided or items are sold. A mystery shopper performs the same actions as a regular customer during his visit, but additionally monitors how the service personnel treats him.

The most common aspects of monitoring - how your staff meets customers, how the communication takes place, what questions are asked, what is said about the goods or services, the atmosphere created by the consultant and so on...

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  • Mystery shopping

    The only completely objective study that will reveal what a customer will experience in with business, genuine employee competencies, customer service system performance, and lead to substantially increased sales.

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  • Virtual coaching

    We offer a wide range of virtual training programs for sales managers, customer service specialists, etc. The main goal of these trainings is to create and maintain the desired customer service quality and increase sales.

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  • Consulting

    We work to provide benefits to our clients and we have international experience over 10 years. We offer individual consultations for customer service, the mystery shopper survey & sales promotion topics.

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  • Training

    We offer professional training covering all the key areas of your company: customer service quality development, sales promotion, team building, Mystery Shopper survey application, executive coaching, etc.

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  • Lietuva patenka į labiausiai klientams besišypsančių šalių dešimtuką

    Pasaulinė slaptų pirkėjų profesionalų organizacija (MSPA Europe/Africa) jau šešioliktus metus iš eilės atliko šypsenų tyrimą, kurio metu 68-iose pasaulio šalyse buvo atlikti slapto pirkėjo vizitai. Trys pagrindiniai kriterijai,…

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  • Viešasis gyvenimas po karantino Europoje

    Pasaulinė slaptų pirkėjų profesionalų asociacija (MSPA Europe/Africa) kartu su Better Business World Wide 2020 m. liepos mėnesį atliko tyrimą Europoje, siekiant įvertinti, kaip visuomenė prisitaikė ir prie naujos…

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  • Business breakfasts

    "Business breakfasts" During business breakfasts, we educate our customers about the market, strategies to improve customer service and the importance of customer satisfaction indicators through training and consulting,…

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