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Mystery shopping



Does your customer service meet and even exceeds customer expectations? Are your customers loyal and prone to returning? Do company employees follow a long-established brand and quality standard? How much more can you earn from company sales and profits?

These and more questions, including the real situation of a company, will be answered by a globally prevalent Mystery shopper study.

What is the mystery shopper study?

This is the only completely objective study that reveals the quality of customer service and every related aspect of it.

A mystery shopper is a specially trained person who travels to your company, buys products or services, and provides an objective assessment of the experience.

The survey questionnaire is a tool designed based on the specifics of your company. Our consultants highlight the most important questions and aspects to the company that will be answered by a mystery shopper survey.

The survey report - An objective description of the Mystery shopper's experience in purchasing your products or services. This report is an essential starting point for any further action: our consultants will provide you with the most appropriate training program, guidance counseling, consumer behavior and other materials to increase company sales by improving service quality.

The mystery shopper survey will help you uncover:

The experience of a shopper;
Employee competencies in customer service;
Consumer behavior patterns - Is there a tendency for your customers to come back?
Where to direct further training of staff;
Does the current system encourage sales?
Will help you identify key competitive advantages.

Are you eager to find out the actual quality of customer service in your company?

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