Shopper Quality Group UK - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Romania

About us

About us

Shopper quality main goal is to help companies improve the customer service quality which directly influences increased sales & profits.

What makes us different?

• We have more than 10 years of experience in the foreign market, so we are ready to provide you with an international customer service standard;
• We work both with major players in the market and new businesses - we believe that every business can be an excellent in the service area;
• We save you time - we provide information in a convenient, verified report format, and provide training in a virtual space;
• A carefully selected team of professionals work for you; we hire the best of the best in order for us to meet the highest standards of quality;
• We listen to your needs - just after talking and analyzing your specific situation, we will offer the most effective solution to the improvement of your customer service quality.

How do we do it?

Mystery shopper service. For every business, it's vital to know what your client really feels and experiences;
Specialized training. Having understood the specifics of your business, we will prepare practical training tailored only to your team to achieve exceptional customer service quality;
Private consultations. Each company is distinctive, so we get to know you and advise you on how to create and use your specific customer service policy;
Virtual training sessions. We understand that time is one of the most important values in business, because of that, we moved part of the integrated training sessions to this space.

Who should apply?

Our customers are retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, financial institutions, hotels and other businesses whose performance is directly dependent on the shopper's experience in your business.