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Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper


How does one become a Mystery Shopper?

To become a mystery shopper, you have to fill out a form on our system

Who is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper is a specially trained person, who visits shops, drug stores, cafés or any other businesses where there are services provided or items are sold. A mystery shopper performs the same actions as a regular customer during his visit, but additionally monitors how the service personnel treats him.

The most common aspects of monitoring - how your staff meets customers, how the communication takes place, what questions are asked, what is said about the goods or services, the atmosphere created by the consultant and so on.

To the mystery shopper there is usually no need to purchase goods or services, they just have to worry about this opportunity and see how the whole process is going.

The main objective of the mystery shopper is to assess the quality of the service and to fill out a specially prepared questionnaire, according to which the company will later conclude what can be done better in order to improve its service quality and increase sales.

How does the Mystery Shopper benefit?

Extra income;
You will have the opportunity to do this while raising children, holidays and at other times;
Fun & interesting way to pass the time;
Plan your visits at your own time;
Opportunity to increase your perception;
You will have the opportunity to evaluate different business areas;
Opportunity to increase your verbal skills;
You will contribute to improving customer service quality in Lithuania;
Do what you love.