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Virtual training programs are remote, computer-based training sessions developed and taught by our experts.
The goal of all of the training sessions is to create new business models & to train company employees to apply them in daily activities.

The structured training program and feedback provided by our experts ensure the most effective teamwork and desired results after several first sessions.

We offer our clients these training programs:

1. Sales manager training. This training program is based on a Mystery Shopper Survey conducted by your company: Instructors present the findings of the research, reveal customer satisfaction and financial results, and create an action plan to change the current situation of customer service quality and increase sales.

2. Middle-level managerial training. These types of managers are responsible for the communication between the customer service professionals and senior managers, so the most important thing to them is the feedback coaching, which will help ensure fluid management and effective customer service.

3. Customer service staff training. In these training sessions, we focus on those employees who communicate directly with your customers on a daily basis. We find out what information they are missing, provide feedback through the Mystery Shopper survey, advise you on the phone, helping you implement important customer service changes.

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